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Japanese night 2010

We are the students in the master´s program of intercultural communication at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland.
We created InCoMaS in order to share our passion for intercultural communication and to get to know other students, people working in the field and anyone sharing the same interest for culture!

Why InCoMaS?
InCoMaS is the acronym which stands for Intercultural communication Master student

//The booklet
Drafting of a booklet which aim is to help new students while given then tools to understand Finnish culture and be able to survive Finland and actually enjoy the experience (you can find it here, it is not finish yet but we are planning on getting some help from the new students to complete it)

//The stereoptyping calendar
the calendar of stereotypes

-The concept
Dress one person as a stereotyping view of another country then put person from that country next to him, the stereotyping vision next to reality.

For intense a Japanese is dressed as a stereotypical vision of Finns, next to him real Finns (will they look the same, we don't know yet :-)

We selected different country regarding the country of origine of our members and  the month of their national day

// Developing  intercultural training tools,
Which includes the creation of intercultural exercices that we try during our country night, but also the creation of short movies which goal is to illustrat what is a critical incident or to explain intercultural theories.

//Developing the blog
This is updating regularly the blog with articles that have something to do with intercultural communication.

//Create network
with local intercultural organizations (Jyväskylä, and then the world.....;-)

//The book
Create a book which contains all our master thesis

//Ice Day
Get together to ice skate the lake

// Pikkujoulu
Get together with the students graduated from our master during a traditional pikkujoulu.

---------few pictures of our events-------

What country nights are about:
Respect, listening, sharing, teaching, mutual goal, passion, support, be together...

If you want to know more about our program, visit this link