japanese night 2010
After Japan, Russia, Nigeria and China, France and finland1 & 2...What will be the next one???
Country night is not just an excuse to eat and party it is a guided discover of a country!

This is already for us the 7th edition of the country night, created to discover and enjoy a culture in a friendly and decontracted way.
The program is simple a or more native organize a dinner and animate it with local music, food, danse, costumes, customs, useful language tips, ppt...

We discovered French food and culture and very soon you'll discover the French version of us :-)

We Baked tonnes of pulla (recipes are on the baking blog)

Chinese night was certainly a discovery of China thanks to Fei and An

Ola and An
!Took place at Ola's place, we tested tonnes of food, we learned about Nigerian culture and facts thanks too a really cool power point, we ate while watching a Nigerian movie, listen some music dance, dress our hair like Nigerian womens we had a lot of fun.

Satu and Ola
So deliciously surprising food!!!

Satu and Elli
Enjoying Russian tea & sweets
Took place in February, we tried the food the musique the danse we had a little test about our knowledge of Russia which was not that impressive back then :-)


First country night of 2010 in january a lot of fun and discovery like the tee powder ice cream good but strange, lots of sushi, and stew, and bread, we learned basics of origami, and some of us even tried the karaoke!! We had a test about our Japonese knowledge and one of us even got a price!!!!!


Ice cream and tea powder

Learning the art of Origami

Hummmm sushi!!!!