Welcome to Finland!!! --Tervetuloa suomeen !!!

 Because we are in Finland lets discover a little quite "far away" country, that has more to offer than you can imagine.

WHERE? who? when?...

Well, finland is a European country, situated between Sweden and Russia, the capital and biggest city is Helsinki (aprox 1/5 of the total population) situated in the south of the country, official languages are Finnish and Swedish and there is also Sami but we'll come back to that a little later:-).

Now numbers: 
Finland it is
-5,356,358 inhabitant,
-338 424 km2, 10% is water in fact there are 187,888 lakes,
-179,584 islands
-Highest point is 1,324 metres
-HDI is 9.59,
-They are using euro,
-Most of fFnns belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (79.7%)

Finland is very interesting country mostly because it is so different in winter and in summer from +35° to -35°...

Landscape in Ähtäri by -25°

In winter it can be very cold so bring a  good coat in your backpack as well as 2 pair of gloves and 2 hats ( yes, one is not enough:-)
In fact the secret of Finnish to support some -30° during the day is: one layer, and two layers, three layers.....